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Interior plumbing


I. The inspector shall inspect:

1.    the main water supply shut-off valve;

2.    the main fuel supply shut-off valve;

3.    the water heating equipment, including the energy source, venting connections, temperature/pressure-relief (TPR) valves, Watts 210 valves, and seismic bracing;

4.    interior water supply, including all fixtures and faucets, by running the water;

5.    all toilets for proper operation by flushing;

6.    all sinks, tubs and showers for functional drainage;

7.    the drain, waste and vent system; and

8.    drainage sump pumps with accessible floats.


II. The inspector shall describe:

1.    whether the water supply is public or private based upon observed evidence;

2.    the location of the main water supply shut-off valve;

3.    the location of the main fuel supply shut-off valve;

4.    the location of any observed fuel-storage system; and

5.    the capacity of the water heating equipment, if labeled.


III. The inspector shall report as in need of correction:

1.    deficiencies in the water supply by viewing the functional flow in two fixtures operated simultaneously;

2.    deficiencies in the installation of hot and cold water faucets;

3.    mechanical drain stops that were missing or did not operate if installed in sinks, lavatories and tubs; and

4.    toilets that were damaged, had loose connections to the floor, were leaking, or had tank components that did not operate.

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