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Garage doors

Garage doors are large, spring-supported doors. Garage door openers control the opening and closing of garage doors, either through a wall-mounted switch or a radio transmitter. Due to the strain that garage door components and openers regularly endure, they may become defective over time and need to be fixed or replaced. Defective components may create safety hazards as well as functional deficiencies to the garage door assembly. 

Inspector shall inspect the following components and devoid of defects:





Inspector shall inspect: 

  • Manual (emergency) release handle.

  • Door panels.

  • Warning labels.

  • Brackets and roller shafts.

  • Door operation

  • Extension spring containment cables.

  • Wall-mounted switch. 

  • Automatic reverse system.

  • Supplemental automatic reverse system.

    1. Photoelectric eyes

    2. Door edge sensors. 

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