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Basement, foundations, crawlspace & structure

Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure


The inspector shall inspect:


  1. the foundation;

  2. the basement;

  3. the crawlspace; and

  4. structural components.


II. The inspector shall describe:

  1. the type of foundation; and

  2. the location of the access to the under-floor space.


III. The inspector shall report as in need of correction:

  1. observed indications of wood in contact with or near soil;

  2. observed indications of active water penetration;

  3. observed indications of possible foundation movement, such as sheetrock cracks, brick cracks, out-of-square door frames, and unlevel floors; and

  4. any observed cutting, notching, and boring of framing members that may, in the inspector’s opinion, present a structural or safety concern.

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